How to lose his double-chin without surgery?


Which factors are responsible of double-chin? 

Several factors are considered in the appearance of the double chin. We count age, diet and genetics.

The age factor is responsible for the loss of the elasticity of the skin which causes the appearance of the double chin.

The diet factor is one of the most responsible factor at the appearance of double chin. Indeed, too much daily caloric intake will create an overlay of fat cells that will come to locate in the area under chin and form a small bulge called "double chin".

Finally, the genetic factor is also responsible for the double chin. If you have a family history of skin elasticity problem, you are likely to have a double chin.


How reduce double-chin?

Without anesthesia and without surgery, cryolipolysis is the new effective way to reduce the double chin significantly.

AGATE* applicator is perfectly adapted for small areas like double-chin.

Once affixed to the chin area, the treatment starts, and the session lasts around 45 minutes. Aspiration can locate the treatment very precisely and cold - up to 6 ° C for this area - will allow to crystallize fat cells which will then be broken by a light massage during 10 minutes and then evacuated naturally by the body.

The first results are visible after 2 months. It is sometimes necessary to do several sessions for an optimal result. 

As a reminder: cryolipolysis has effects only on fat cells, so fat. If your bulge is skin without excess fat, the treatment will have no effect.

*AGATE is an applicator of the CRISTAL range allowing the treatment of small fatty deposits. It is 100% made in France as the complete CRISTAL range and is a patented technology.