What does sleeping do to our body?

Sleep has many benefits for your body. It allows some organs to slow down so other can wake up and function.

Did you know that your liver works the most around 3 am? (Tip: drinking the juice of half a lemon in a glass of water before going to bed will help your liver eliminate toxins after a rich meal). On the other hand, breathing as well as muscular tension and blood pressure are slowed down.

Sleep also contributes to cellular reconstruction and repair. During this period, our cells regenerate, which facilitates healing or the natural renewal of epidermis cells (skin surface).


Good sleep = good body.

You now understand that sleeping is crucial to your cell regeneration but also for your balance and general wellbeing. Several studies have shown the link between lack of sleep and weight gain. When we feel weak, we tend to eat to compensate the loss of energy. This is how lack of sleep makes you hungry!

If you adopt a healthy lifestyle and die, you will soon enjoy the benefits on your body and mind.


After a cryolipolysis, slow down and endeavour to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.


Guaranteed results :) 


PS: don’t forget to drink lots of water to eliminate toxins!