Laziness … the worst enemy of any individual … no time, no desire, no motivation. Do you dream of combining exercise and work? If so, here are 3 practical tips that you can integrate into your weekly or even daily routine!


Tip # 1:

Do you live in an apartment where you have a steep staircase? Does the feeling of heaviness overwhelm you when climbing the stairs? FIGHT IT! First of all, try to descend these stairs on your way to work in the morning, it will wake you up! Then, try climbing them in the evening when you return home from work. This will build your strength and motivate you to appreciate the comfort after the effort!


Tip # 2:

Do you live close to your workplace and take public transportation to get there? Does standing on the bus when it’s full irritate you? TAKE THE OLD BIKE LYING AROUND IN THE GARAGE! Who doesn’t dream of freedom and well-being every day? Some studies show that cycling not only keeps you fit, but also makes you happier. Additionally, this mode of transportation will allow you to avoid traffic jams!


Tip # 3:

Sunday is a day of rest, pleasure and sharing time with your family. Do you enjoy it? Organize family walks in the forest, in parks or at the beach. This will introduce your children to the outdoors and help you to set up a “well-being” routine. If you’re single, it’s a chance for you to meet new people when you leave home!


Are you ready to leave your comfort zone? Don’t hesitate any longer and make wellness a part of your routine!