Relax yourself!

Stress doesn’t help when you want to lose weight. We tend to have more desire for sugar to calm our nerves. The opposite of what we should do to lose weight! Stress also  slows down our metabolism which leads to excessive fat production.

Eat more slowly!

When we eat, the stomach transmits signals that reach the center of satiety (the hypothalamus), about 30 minutes later! That’s why we need to eat slowly, to give time to our brain to analyze what we eat. In the same way, we must avoid eating in front of the television, because we don’t focus on what we eat, so we chew more quickly which leads us to consume in larger quantities.

Change the size of your plate !

Reducing the size of your plate helps to deceive our brain through our perception. Our brain feels like it’s consuming the same amount as usual, while we lower calories we eat .

Do not neglect your sleep !

It’s important to rest well since the more you’re tired, the more you tend to avoid all forms of sport activities. Lack of sleep also pushes you to choose foods that are fatter and sweeter. Nothing that helps you lose weight!

Stay Hydrated !

The speed of our metabolism depends directly on how we hydrate ourselves. Not drinking enough in the day will lower the speed of our metabolism. To overcome this phenomenon, it’s recommend to drink about 1.5 L of water per day.

Remember to sunbathe !

When we lack vitamin D our body tends to more easily store at the belly. We are also more hungry than usual and we burn fewer calories. An explosive cocktail to easily gain weight !

Trust in fibers !

Fibers are a major advantage when trying to lose weight, especially because they have absorbing capacity and swell once in the stomach, which increases the feeling of satiety. Their digestion takes more time, which helps to keep that feeling longer.

Do not skip meals !

By depriving your stomach of food for a long time, it will inevitably claim you larger quantities the next time you will eat. Worse, if you eat very little quantities for a long time, when you get back to normal, your body will store any calorie or fat you give it in anticipation of another period of restriction.