You think steaming has no taste? Forget this idea!

Steam cooking unlike traditional cooking methods (stove, oven, boiling water, …) does not destroy food. They cook gently in a warm and humid environment. This keeps their original tastes and vitamins.

You will get tasty and mellow dishes. Because in addition to keeping their tastes, thanks to steam cooking foods cook without ever becoming dry.

The vegetables thus preserve their colors and their consistencies. Fish and meat will remain soft and tender. Ideal for serving delicious dishes to your guests.



Due to its cooking at 95 ° C where the other cooking modes oscillate between 100 and 300 ° C.

It’s not just the taste or sweetness that steam cooking can keep but also all the essential nutrients in the food. These nutrients, fragile during cooking, are usually destroyed because of the high temperature.

We can find almost as many vitamins, trace elements, or enzymes that if the food was still raw. They will bring many benefits to your health in general.



If there is one thing for which steaming is known, it is that there is no need to add fat. But this is not his only dietary benefit, because when cooking foods will naturally lose the fat they contain. This allows to make less rich and less caloric dishes.

The fact of not cooking foods in fat also avoids a phenomenon present in many other modes of cooking: heating the fat causes the formation of toxic substances. Substances that may be carcinogenic if consumed in excessive amounts.



You do not have to be a great chef to cook your food steam. There is now a lot of equipment to control steam cooking like a pro.

There is no need to constantly monitor cooking since foods do not burn when steamed. A significant time saving, which allows for example to do a workout, or a few yoga exercises the time of cooking.

Some steam cookers (especially electric) can even program cooking. Whether you need to go to work or race, set the start time and cooking time before you leave, this way when you get home the meal will be ready!

If you use a steamer you have the opportunity to cook all your food at the same time since they have several floors. So we still save time, while decreasing the amount of dishes to do, and tastes do not mix when cooking. What else ?



Absolutely all foods can be steamed: meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, rice, …

Steam cooking is particularly recommended for organic vegetables, which can be cooked with the skin to preserve a maximum of vitamins and nutrients. You can also collect the cooking water to make delicious broth. Avoid with the most processed vegetables, since the delicious broth would turn into a concentrate of pesticides.

If you prefer roast meats, you can plan a short pan or oven before or after cooking to brown the meat. Be careful not to add too much fat, not to lose the interest of cooking steam.

Feel free to season foods when cooking with herbs or spices, much healthier than salt. Or after cooking, with vegetable oils, lemon, vinegar or other herbs.



You have a large number of possibilities in the material to use to control steam cooking, you will easily find your happiness.



Useful because the majority allow you to program the start time of cooking. And keep food warm, once cooking is complete.

Generally equipped with 3 bowls, vats, or baskets, you will have to look carefully at their capacities, to take the steamer adapted to your needs.

Their price can vary from twenty euros up to nearly 300 €. Whatever your budget you can find the one that suits you.

Beware of steam cookers whose containers are plastic, the plastic contains Bisphenol A, recognized as endocrine disruptor, which is released under the effect of heat. Therefore prefer steel bowls or certified without Bisphenol A.



There are also simpler steam cookers that will do the job just as well. There will not be the features mentioned above, but they are not necessarily useful for everyone.

They are usually made of steel and work on all types of fires (gas, induction, …). But there are also braided bamboo steamers, ideal if you like equipment made of natural materials.



The pressure cooker can do a lot of things and especially to do it quickly. It will be useful not only for steam cooking, but also for the sterilization of jams, or cans, the preparation of simmered dishes.

Its price varies between 100 and 350 €, and will depend on the capacity, the closing system of the lid, and the proposed options. The most modern pressure cookers have in particular a built-in timer, allowing a more precise cooking (no need to judge the whistling of the steam if the water bubbles).

To steam your food in the pressure cooker, all you have to do is to put a bottom of water, and then to arrange your food in the basket (generally provided with, more often it is enough to hang it in the pressure cooker) before closing the pressure lid. It will then be sufficient to put the pressure cooker on the fire and wait for the water to boil before starting the countdown of the cooking time.

It is advisable to take a capacity equivalent to 1L / person, knowing that a pressure cooker can fill only two-thirds of its capacity (less according to the prepared dishes). So if you hesitate between two capacities, prefer the larger one.



More economical than a pressure cooker their price will oscillate around 15 €, even if the price of a bamboo basket can increase according to its method of manufacture or the quality of the bamboo used.

They operate on the same principle. For daisy, you’ll need a saucepan, a sauté pan or whatever. It will simply be necessary that the container which you use is with high edge. Once the container is selected, you will need to fill the bottom of the water, making sure that the water can not come in contact with food. You can then place your daisy and what you want to cook in your container before closing everything.

The daisy has been around for years. Already used by fans of healthy cooking in the 60s, it has lost none of its usefulness. It is available today in stainless steel or silicone and can be used for many sizes of pans.

For the bamboo basket, the difference will be that you will need a container of the same circumference as that of your basket, which you will fill half. All you have to do is place your basket on this container and let it cook.

You can also stack up to 3 baskets on top of each other. Beyond cooking will not be done in the best conditions. If you use more than one, consider putting foods that will have the longest cooking time down and conversely for the most fragile.

You can also add in your bamboo basket a sheet of parchment paper previously drilled, to prevent your food from sticking to the bottom. This will also simplify the cleaning of your bamboo basket, since it does not go in the dishwasher. The wood could definitely curl, the baskets will then be unusable.

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