The CRISTAL Body Health Care program is a combination of different aesthetic medical solutions to refine, sculpt and tone your silhouette!


CRISTAL Pro, Body Contouring

acts directly on the fat thanks to cryolipolysis technology. The cold crystallises the fat cells which will allow your body to eliminate them naturally thanks to the lymphatic drainage system.


Non-invasive and without anaesthetics, long-lasting results, Treatment of all body areas.


CRISTAL Fit, High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (HI-EMMS) 

The repeated, very intense contractions for 30 minutes allow you to muscle your body effortlessly.


Muscle building without effort, Muscle stimulation, Curves, and shapes muscles.


CRISTAL Skin, Radiofrequency

Firms and tones your skin to perfect your figure! Following weight loss and skin ageing, the skin relaxes and loses its elasticity. Thanks to CRISTAL Skin Radiofrequency technology, your skin regains its toned and firm aspect!


A more toned silhouette, Reduction of the orange peel skin aspect, Firmer skin.


Sports program adapted to all

That is not all! In order to optimize results, you will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle: a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

That is why we offer you our brand-new sports program #cristal_challenge, suitable for everyone!

Enjoy an easy-to-follow sports programme at home for 10 weeks.

Every week, our certified Coach Amandine, from Duplex Coaching, in Fréjus, offers you a new 2-minute exercise targeting a specific body area. It is up to you to repeat it every day until the following week.