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Examples: we stop putting sugar in coffee or tea; we don’t eat three fruits a day but one; we eat carbs occasionally and stop eating bread with every meal. All this quickly makes a difference. To trigger weight loss, we go on a “vegetable juice and embark on a single-food diet (apple or brown rice)” advises Emilie Kapps, naturopath in Paris ( Eating only one type of food one or two days a week gives the digestive system a rest. “We may also choose the sixteen hours intermittent fasting which will send new messages to the brain: reduce, lighten.

“This frugality lets you reconcile with the feeling of hunger” explains Emilie Kapps. In a nutshell, we have dinner as usual, quite early and wait until the next day’s lunch to eat again. To learn how to make the difference between genuine and false (emotional) hunger, the Meer Method uses the subconscious behaviour that makes eat too much (and badly). The fee starts from € 675 (


Vary activities. Include running once a week in small sessions: short but very intense sessions to boost the fat combustion. If you are a beginner, alternate walking and running (you will find training programs on Associate this with a complete sport to slim, tone and shape the entire body. The best one? Boxing! Train at the Noble Art Club (in Paris: or at the new gym Champion Spirit, founded by the Thai Boxing champion Abdoulaye Fadiga (in Paris: You can also practice dancing once week. All types of dances: BarreShape at Eléphant Paname (in Paris: Ballet Tonic at Chez Simone (in Paris:, ballet at Fit Ballet (in Paris and Perpignan:


1 Stimulate fat elimination and redefines contours. Herboriste Détox Gelée Minceur 3-en-1, Payot, € 42 (

2 Activate the lipid degradation, detoxify and boost microcirculation. Crème de Café Minceur, Cinq Mondes, € 49 (

3 An optimal penetration of active ingredients and maximum stimulation of lipolysis. Amincissant 7 Nuits Gel Frais, Somatoline Cosmetic, € 39.90 **.



– An anti-snacking plan with these sticks containing an egg white protein. Ovamine, Nutreven, € 34.90 for 45 sticks (ovamine. com).

– A one month “weight loss” program offering a combination of sticks and pills to reduce fat absorption and burn the stubborn fat. Minceur Tout En 1, Oenobiol, € 54.50 **.

– One pill a day to melt away with this supplement containing brown seaweed, guarana and vitamin C, B2, B3 and B6. Slim Design Gélule Minceur, Elancyl, € 24.80 * for 60 pills. A unique combination of powder essential oils to regulate weight. Minceur Booster Draineur 3 en 1, Puressentiel, € 19.90 **. A tea-based drink with 100% natural ingredients (Mate leaves, rosemary…) in a super concentrated shot.  RINGANAdea, Ringana, € 54.50 (

– A unique powder essential oils supplement with plant extracts to regulate the weight. Minceur Booster Draineur 3 en 1, Puressentiel € 19.90 **.

– A tea-based drink with 100% natural ingredients (Mate leaves, rosemary…) in a super concentrated shot RINGANAdea, Ringana, € 54.50 (



Crystallisation through cold has proven its efficacy to get rid of a small amount of excess fat. Adipocytes disappear naturally in the weeks following the session. Cristal medical cryolipolysis, 1 to 2 sessions according to the thickness of the fatty tissue and the size of the area needing treatment, between € 500 and € 1000 (in Paris and regions,