By Dr Worapon Sukeewattana, known as Dr Tony


During the preliminary consultation, I always establish a multizone treatment plan according to my patients’ expectations. The cryolipolysis technique is effective from the first session but I still recommend all my patients to do a second session to reach an optimum result. The fat loss on the roll treated over one session is of 2 to 25% on average. This percentage may reach 35% with a second session! In people suffering from a large fat deposit on the tummy area and love handles it is recommended to carry out several sessions to treat the entire area. We juxtapose the treatment zones between sessions to obtain a harmonious final result over the entire treated area.


The cryolipolysis technique is becoming more and more popular at our clinic. Thanks to the new mini-applicators kit aimed at the “small areas” we are able to refine and reduce rolls that were up to now impossible to treat with standard applicators and so-called first-generation machines. We obtained very good results with the A2 or A3 applicators supplied with the CRISTAL cryolipolysis device in men embarrassed by their chest but not willing to go through surgery. The good thing about these mini-applicators compared with the previous generation is their painless characteristics in the treatment of pseudo-gynecomastia in men.

These applicators are of a specific shape perfectly suited to the face oval treatment. We practice cryolipolysis on double chin but also on jowls to highlight the jawline. It gives the round face of slightly overweight men a more masculine look. In patients with a slightly lax skin we associate this treatment with radiofrequency to retighten the skin over the treated area. We also used these mini-applicators to treat patients on the knee area, arms and bra fold with good results in 1 or 2 sessions. The cryolipolysis technique evolution, which was initially only possible on sizeable tolls, offers fine and more accurate solutions for the body and face.


Cryolipolysis has been so successful that many devices appeared on the market. For the patients it is paramount to choose your practitioner according to the quality of the medical devices he uses. In our clinic we use a CE Médical certified French cryolipolysis that guarantees the safety of all treatments.

Dr Worapon Sukeewattana, known as Dr Tony