Published by Côté Santé Magazine – March 2019

We tried all diets, sweated at the gym three times a week, nothing worked and the fat is still there, the upper arms are floppy and the buttocks keep dropping… You can imagine that laboratories saw the opportunity. For a long time, medical aesthetics focused on the face and its wrinkles and ptosis (to see if it was possible to escape the scalpel) but for the past few years have been tackling the body, especially the fat when there is no other satisfactory alternative besides liposuction. And it works since the body related market of today is worth 1 billion dollars. If you want to know more about the most efficient techniques or the promising ones, come this way…


Cryolipolysis is not new (it arrived in France in 2014) but the advantage is that we now have a better idea of the consequences of the technique. How does it work? It dislodges the localised fat deposits through the application of a controlled and intense cold onto the treated area. The fat cells, also called adipocytes, are very sensitive to this targeted hypothermia which provokes their destruction through apoptosis, which we could call a “cell suicide”. The process only takes a few weeks during which the targeted adipocytes progressively get emptied of their lipids before being eliminated by the macrophages. The final result is visible after about 2 to 3 months.


At the beginning only very localised fat deposits on the abdomen and the sides were treated but companies have since spread the technique to other areas of the body through the manufacture of special applicators. “This is how the very Grefrench Cristal from Deleo offers the widest range of handpieces on the market, making the technique extremely versatile – explains Dr Éric Sarfati, aesthetic doctor. Knees, thighs, back folds, calves, arms and even the chin may be treated with Cristal, which also offers an applicator specifically designed to treat cellulite. It is in fact an infrared diode combined with a modular aspiration exercising a massaging action, the specialist explains. Thus, the same device works on the deeply lodged fat as well as the more superficial cellulite to refine the results”, concludes Dr Sarfati.


The applicator used is equipped with a vacuum system that keeps the fat deposit in while cooling the area. From 37ºC the adipocytes are then cooled down to a temperature up to -9ºC for 45 mn to one hour. According to the thickness of the fat tissue and the size of the area to be treated, one to two sessions costing an average of € 500 to € 800 each for two areas will have to be scheduled.


Some redness and bruising as well as some insensitivity in the treated area, even moderate pain such as muscle soreness localised in the tummy area may be suffered for a few days.