Did you know that fasting is an increasingly common practice to improve health and well-being? Known for its benefits on the body, it allows, among other things, a reduction in visceral fat, which is a factor of good health in the long term.


A diet is a prolonged change in eating habits, generally aimed at weight loss. However, if calorie intake is reduced over a longer period of time, the body consumes and eliminates not only fat, but also muscle mass. In addition, if you stop dieting and then return to a normal diet, you will usually experience a “yo-yo” effect.

The main goal of fasting is not to lose weight, but to regenerate the body, to improve the well-being and health of the body in the long term.

During fasting, the body is subjected to a low-calorie diet for a short period of time. Instead of drawing energy by consuming muscle mass, the body will directly consume energy from cellular waste. This process is called autophagy. Fasting allows for a “deep body cleansing,” removing aging and damaged cells and replacing them with new, healthy functional cells.



The synergy of cryolipolysis and fasting on the adipose tissue offers very satisfactory results.

Firstly, a cryolipolysis treatment will act directly on the subcutaneous fat. The adipocytes are crystallized, destroyed and then eliminated naturally by the body.

Performing an assisted fast is ideal in post-cryolipolysis for two major reasons:

– During the fasting period, the body will draw its energy from the cellular waste generated by cryolipolysis. Thanks to fasting, the destroyed cells will be removed more quickly, and the results will therefore be visible more quickly.

– Assisted fasting will also act on visceral adipose tissue that cannot be treated by cryolipolysis. Visceral fat is fat tissue that accumulates in the abdominal cavity between the organs. It serves to protect the organs and at the same time is an energy reserve for the body. An excess of visceral fat tissue can lead to health problems. That is why assisted fasting can be an interesting method to help reduce visceral fat.



Assisted fasting is a program that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of fasting, but without any health risks and without any deficiency to the body. This program provides your body with all the micro and macronutrients it needs to function, but with a very low-calorie intake. This low-calorie intake will simulate a fast for your body and thus start the process of cell regeneration.

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