As seen in our previous article, it’s important to hydrate throughout the day (1.5 L per day) to not slow down your metabolism. Which drink should we favor?

If you want to lose weight, it’s important to minimize your consumption of alcohol and sugary drink.

Just by drinking a can of soda a day is the equivalent of 6 to 7 sugars that our body receives, which is almost the daily ration of sugar that recommends WHO (50 g of sugar per day or 8 pieces).

It’s even worse for alcohol since the calories contained in a glass of alcohol (70 kcal for a glass of wine, the equivalent of an apple) bring nothing good to your body and do not correspond to any nutrient, these are “empty” calories.

Alcohol also has a tendency to open the appetite, which is a problem because we consume it mainly with crips or any other enemy for our weight loss! Alcohol also promotes the accumulation of fat, mainly abdominal fat (beer being the champion in this area), and make our face swell. So for a flatter stomach and a thinner face reduce your alcohol consumption!

On the contrary, tea and coffee are strongly recommended (be careful though if you are in the habit of sweetening these drinks, the ideal is to consume them without added sugar). They both contain caffeine that stimulates our metabolism, so we burn more energy and especially more calories.

However, it’s advisable to drink the last coffee after lunch and the last tea before 4 pm since caffeine lengthens the time to fall asleep and shortens the sleep time.

Be careful also to fruit juice! Check at the purchase that the mention “100% pure fruit juice” figures and that it’s well without added sugar, otherwise it’s a concentrate of sugar that you will drink. And it’s not because it’s made from fruit that you can consume unlimited quantities throughout the day. The problem of fruit juice is that a single glass is often equal to more than one fruit (with all the sugars they contain) without having the feeling of fullness that we have after eating a fruit.

So if you want to lose weight the important thing is to reduce your consumption of sweetened beverage and alcohol, do not totally deprive yourself, this is not the goal. But keep these drinks as a occasional pleasure. Prefer unsweetened drinks (such as flavored waters for example), drinks that you can make homemade to manage the amount of sugar you put in it yourself.