The 360º Body Contouring Concept

Thanks to the CRISTAL Pro 360º Body Contouring innovation, it is now possible to reshape the body as a whole.

  • Treatment applied to 4 areas simultaneously with the new morphologic applicators
  • Consistent treatment of the area using body mesh

You can redefine a complete area of the body in only one session:

  • The dream of a flat stomach: simultaneous treatment of love handles as well as the upper and lower abdominal regions.
  • Thinner thighs: treatment of inside and outside of both thighs in a single session!
  • Redefine your neck: treatment of the double chin and jaw lines.

Artificial Intelligence for Aesthetic Medicine

The CRISTAL body contouring solution is a concentration of technologies. Thanks to artificial intelligence, CRISTAL Pro is able to evolve and adapt to all your body contouring needs. You will enjoy a safe and customised treatment.


How does Cryolipolysis Work?

This procedure triggers the crystallisation of fat cells that autodestruct through cold. During treatment the fat deposits are cooled to -12ºC for about 60 minutes.

The crystallised fat will then disappear naturally and progressively over the weeks following the session, to be replaced by harmonious curves. This innovating technique guarantees efficiency and safety, is non-invasive and does not require anaesthesia.

This technique efficiency has been proven through many clinical studies.

Who is Cryolipolysis for? 

Medical cryolipolysis is an aesthetic medicine technique that needs to be monitored and executed by a correctly trained and qualified doctor.

It is possible to practice body contouring at any age and on every part of the body showing fat deposits (double chin, jowls, arms, men’s torso, bra fold, love handles, abdomen, buttocks fold, inner thighs, saddlebags, knee, legs…) for both women and men.

It is a medical procedure that must be carried out after consulting a doctor who will ascertain that you do not present any contraindications.

Even more results? 

You would like to eliminate your unsightly fat rolls while regaining muscle tone? Do you want to sculpt your abs and have beautifully shapped buttocks?

STEP 1: CRISTAL PRO destroys the fat to eliminate fat rolls.

  1. Excess fat cells before CRISTAL PRO treatment

2. The cold crystallises fat cells and triggers their apoptosis = death of adipocytes

3. Macrophages eliminates the crystallized fat cells that will then be permanently eliminated by the lymphatic system

4. Once free of the excess adipocytes, the body progressively transforms itself over the weeks to achieve permanent results within 2 months.

STEP 2: With EM Slim high-density electrostimulation you recover muscle tone for a shapely and toned body. EM Slim is equivalent to 20 000 abs or squats for a 30 mn treatment!

step one with em slim
  1. The muscle is in a resting state
step two with em slim

2. The muscle is stimulated through the electromagnetic field that triggers an involuntary contraction

step three with em slim

3. A magnetic field of a higher intensity is sent to induce a more intense involuntary muscular contraction.


Prices vary between € 500 and € 1000 incl. VAT according to the number of sessions and the areas to be treated.


It is advised to couple this treatment with other treatments such as lymphatic drainage, draining massage and anti-cellulite creams.

A personalised package
A pre-diagnosis

360º Body Contouring: a complete and personalised concept with CRISTAL®